#250 Blueberries



Yes, I know, these are not real blueberries, but they are blue and berries nonetheless.


19 comments on “#250 Blueberries”

    1. I won’t, don’t worry! I’m too careful to eat anything in the garden, not even apples or strawberries and such. It’s filthy, insects have been crawling on it and anyway, I prefer chocolate. That doesn’t grow in the garden.


        1. You’re wise, I should eat my fruit, but I think I won’t. Chocolate is much more better and scientists say it’s healthy too. 😉 By the way, how is your holiday going? Was it on Saturday that you were supposed to leave on holiday? Hope you’re enjoying yourself!


          1. Oh, I’m really confused!! But I told you before that I’m a confused person 😦 But wow, cool, a week to go then! Did you order a new camera?? Awww!! A profi camera? A Nikkon or something else? Hope you’ll post about your new “baby” when it arrives! The car drive will be fine, I’ll send you some slivovitz to make it more bearable! 😉


  1. We don’t have blueberries in Mauritius,but often hear about them.
    At one moment I thought these were the real ones!
    I would ask if these can be eaten,but already got the answer in the comments above!
    On a side note,are these from your garden??


    1. Ah, you don’t have blueberries, poor dear! The actual blueberries look very similar to this, of course, it’s difficult to tell from a close-up image. I think I took this shot in the street — this a common decorative shrub used in public places. We don’t have blueberries in the garden, but other than that, we’ve got a lot: strawberries, raspberries, plums, apples, lots of vegetables and whatnot…


          1. I’ve seen! I got email notifications for Pininterest. Apparently, you cannot set up email notifications for Flickr, at least I haven’t come across this option. Anyway, I usually check all the social media daily or each other day, it’s part of my morning ritual while drinking coffee.


          2. Ok, as to blogs, I follow about 25 of them, I’m rather selective. Now I’m however thinking of being less selective and trying to keep in touch more. I guess you follow more blogs, right? I’ll need to explore your blogroll if you have any?


          3. I don’t have a blogroll, but am actually thinking of cutting down, it all gets a bit too much after a while. I am spending too much time reading/commenting, then no time posting LOL…or I am but it is taking up too much of my day and I end up feeling bad if I don’t read everyones posts and some posts are looooong..hehe..I need to have better time management skills…


          4. I can see what you mean. I’m just reading your post about it. I’ll comment on your post later when I get down to it… I’m having similar feelings right now because the time I spent online is time I should spent on my studies and work, which should be my priority. In short: as long as your online habits don’t interfere with your real life engagements, I’m sure you’re perfectly fine. This much can’t be said of me entirely 😦


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