Month: April 2014

Holiday Hop: Prague

I love staring at my computer twelve plus hours a day, remaining within the perimeter of fifteen steps from the house and sleeping in my own bed. In other words, I don’t love holiday, travel and beds that have been slept in promiscuously before me. Yet, since I’ve found my hobby in photography, holiday has

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Blogging 201: And They Blogged Happily Ever After

It’s the last day of Blogging 201! Where did all the days go? I demand equal learning opportunity, give me my course back! *stomps foot and waits* *still waits* While I’m waiting, I can very well dive in today’s task. The instructions say to organise a blogging event or attend a blogging conference. Well, how

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Blogging 201: On Space Suits and Monetisation

Today’s task on Blogging 201 is to put on our SEO suit. Suit what? Is it something like an anti-radiation suit? And should I bring a gas mask too? (I’m good with gas masks, I’ve had gas mask drills since kindergarten, so I handle gas masks like a piece of cake. – And no, I

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