#233 Puddle



I took the challenge of making a filthy puddle with splinters of broken ice look pretty. Or at least prettier.


18 comments on “#233 Puddle”

    1. Aawww….!! Actually, I do believe you nominated me for the Sisterhood award already — and I LOVED it! So no omission here 🙂 I already got the Liebster Award though (the best day in my blogging life!), so no I’m not sure how to go about it — can I grab another one? I’ll see, ok? BUT: THANK YOU so much for nominating me, I appreciate it a lot! And I appreciate you a lot 😉


        1. Will you hate me when I’ll say that yours nomination is actually my third? I’ve been nominated a few weeks (or months?) ago by @birgerbird… And I still haven’t figured out what to do with the second nomination, not to mention the third! Ahh, I’m sooo famous, hehe 😆


    1. OMG, one thing, how did your comment end up in my spam folder?! I only found it there now. Second thing, how did I confuse a poodle with a puddle? Haha… Thank you for telling me!!


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