#230 Creepy


The tracks I left when going out after dark to serve my cats dinner.


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Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

35 thoughts on “#230 Creepy”

    1. Now I realised that my footprints look like Yeti’s! Again, I needed to use a measurement conversion tool, and it showed me that my shoe size is five πŸ™‚

      I was searching the yard to see if I could find a pattern of my prints and my cats’ prints for a single photo, but the cats have no sense of aesthetics and patterns…


          1. Thank you so much! I’ve been spending the last hour changing all my profile pictures for the new one — I accidentally love the photo too… It was recently taken by my husband without me even noticing when we were out shooting together. It was shot by his professional camera, so hardly any photoshopping was necessary!


          2. Ha! My hubby is sadly a professional nothing (hi, hubby, no offence!), though he likes to pretend he knows it all. He bought himself a profi camera for his hobby, but I’m taking more photos than he does. The only thing that prevents me from using his camera is its very complexity. Also it’s way too heavy to carry. What do you use for shooting? A compact camera? A phone? Something else?


          3. I think I might be getting a bit better I tried to show my husband one I took of an otter he shows no interest of anything I wrote or blog and accused me of lying saying I never took it! He won’t be getting any Viagra…last bit is a joke! Really!!


          4. You shot an otter? (I mean, you shot an otter with your camera?) Good! Can we please please have the picture on your blog when there’s an opportunity to post it? It’s a shame hubby doesn’t support you. It’s weird because he supports me… (well, he supports me silently, that doesn’t mean he’s interested).


          5. Yes maybe he spends so much time silently supporting you he has no time left for me that’s it! I went to the wetlands centre woth my eldest a couple of weeks back so have some lovely shots inc otters so will post on my living in east sheen blog once finally edited, nearly there though as took 100’s of pics. Have been up since 4 can’t sleep as nervous bout my injection today just me being silly. Let’s hope I fall asleep during the procedure x


          6. Awe, poor dear! Hope the injection went well! If it’s any comfort to you, I was suffering yesterday at the dentist, who really hated one of my teeth and decided to drill through and through. Ugh. I was hoping I’d lose my consciousness but I didn’t and I survived.

            I’ll need to check your east sheen blog again, after all, that’s where we’ll live when we marry, right? Haha πŸ˜‰


          7. Hehe thank you! I’m in bed recovering
            It hurt more this time I’m still woozy but the anaesthetic is still working so pain from procedure not locked in yet it will tomorrow . I’ve not put the wetlands post on the east sheen blog yet but maybe in the next two days I’m
            Hoping I nkgjt get also some discounts to go there maybe even free if I blog regularly it is a
            Simply beautiful place you would spend many hours there x


          8. I’m sorry about your painful experience 😦 Feel better soon!

            I’m sure I’d love the wetlands, I love all places that provide good photographic opportunities!


          9. It is absolutely stunning! Reminds me of a similar place I visited as a kid. Except I didn’t enjoy it because it was part of a school trip and I found it dangerous to travel in the wetlands on bike (the teachers apparently didn’t). You know I’m not much into sports, I’ve never been, and I was afraid I may slip and drown there! I survived intact, though.


          10. You normally hate nothing but dentists? You’re such a positive person! I’m sorry to admit that I often hate pretty much everything 😦 Being depressive about things has become my worldview and lifestyle, it’s so not-me to be happy…But nNow I’ll stop, there’s no need to depress you too!!

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          11. If you don’t make me happy?! You do make me happy for sure! That’s what my husband often asks too. And I always tell him that this has nothing to do with him, I’m generally unhappy not because of him but despite of him. Ugh, I’m sure that now I made you feel depressed after all! Let’s forget it πŸ™‚


  1. I gotta tell you that you and Justine’s conversation is more entertaining than your original post… You guys are hysterical! However, I do like the shot of the footprints. I mean… boots?… impressions (almost like reflections)?… awesome. And glad to know kitty got fed (outside?)


    1. Oh thank you, we’re happy to oblige! My cats, sadly, are outdoor cats because my husband claims allergy to cat hair, among other things, and he was unfortunately brought up in a home that only acknowledged farm animals and disapproved of home pets. I think it’s silly, but I can’t convince him to change his mind… On a happier note, the cats are fine, they’re reasonably well provided for winter and in summer they clearly love being outdoors. πŸ™‚


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