#227 Crucifix



I hate to offend but I must contend that most religions are morbid. See above.


4 comments on “#227 Crucifix”

    1. I did some little research and confirmed that my country is one of the most irreligious countries in the world — though it is obviously difficult to measure. One statistics states that 16% of my countrymen believe that there is God.

      Despite this, there are numerous crosses dotting streets and roads here – I didn’t take the photo in a graveyard but in the street. I assume that the original idea behind these crosses was that people would remember Christ and adorn the crosses with flowers. (The latter is usually not the case.)

      I’m myself irreligious because I’m unhappy with the oppressive and reproachful nature of religion as I experienced it. I’ve been planning to write about my experience for a long time but I’m not sure that I wish to tackle such a controversial topic…

      Anyway, thank you for your comment, I’m always happy to have you around!


      1. Thanks for opening up and writing such an insightful comment. 🙂
        I greatly appreciated that!
        And it’s always nice to have your posts around! 🙂


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