Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


These are the contents of one of my grandfather’s treasure boxes. I hardly know the names of the items inside in my mother tongue, not to mention English. Well, screw it.

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

40 thoughts

          1. You shouldn’t feel bad, quite the contrary, please do more unsavoury posts, it’s good for me to skip dinner (and skip the dessert then too, but this is even harder), I’ve put on much weight recently. Boo. But don’t worry, I’m not too heavy (yet?), my normal size was XS and now it’s S.


          2. Wow s?? Omg I’m xl..,.lmao, not quite but a l only because my stomach so swollen from the pills but in a small frame so I look like a weeble or whatever one calls them. Your arms look v slim so I’m sure you don’t need to lose weight. I’ve never been asked to write more unsavory posts lol x


          3. Poor dear you… Of course, it’s different when you have health issues. But the tummy is the worst, I’m quite thin everywhere but the tummy. So if you feel like a weeble, there’s two of us!


          4. That surely is an advantage, except it doesn’t work for me 😦 I need a larger size of clothes now but the same size of bra. The small advantage of having a flat chest, though, is that I can lie flat on my stomach and be really flat. It’s not like it’s very useful.


          5. Very true! Me having no breasts to speak of surely means that I had hide from people better! Except that some people may mistake me for a boy. Huh.


          6. Good, “mistress” it is! You know, this was a mistake on my part because I associate this word with something like “a mistress of a house of ill fame”, so I wasn’t sure if the word is neutral or if it perhaps has some naughty connotations… Now I see that there’s probably nothing wrong with the word but with me!


          7. Let’s make a deal: you can call me Naughty if you like, but it would be allowed just to you; because I’d actually prefer my middle name to be a noun, you see, I have these weird obsessions with order and propriety, so I’d like an orderly proper noun πŸ™‚


          8. Well, you’re the native speaker, you tell me! πŸ™‚ But sure, I think it’s very well possible πŸ™‚ So I’ll be Mara the Naughty, heh. When I’m in fact not naughty but a nice person! (Kind of.)


          9. I know “naughty but nice”, except I thought that when you’re naughty, you can’t be nice, can you? Sorry if I don’t make any sense, I’m just removing old polish from my nails, so I’m a bit high on acetone.


          10. Oh, a yoga meditation! Surely that was an hour very well spent! I’ve lost so many hours in my life without knowing exactly how (such as by spending time online), so I’m positive that an hour lost in mediation was good for you!


          11. LOl I think it was good just very freaky, I have so many thoughts and was trying to listen to what the man was saying, then all my usual thoughts went but really weird and wacky images like flicks of films came in to my head, then I would suddenly hear him, then flicks again, next thing I know I am waking up, i don’t think I did anything he told me to lol


          12. Your meditation sounds like a psychedelic experience! Hope you’re fine? I had a very similar experience when trying psychowalkman. It wasn’t up to much, maybe because I always fell half-asleep…


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