#221 Something


I think I hate this colour. What colour is that even? (Hi, mum, I’m just joking, thanks for the gift!)


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

58 thoughts

    1. I came to like the colour too, after all, though my first impression was not very favourable. I colour-coordinated it with my pink bijou, pink blouse and pink tights and it worked ok πŸ˜‰ I was very pink indeed, but it wasn’t as awful as it sounds (hopefully).


        1. Oh no! That was before you made me giggle at the mere sight of something pink! The tights are still safely at the bottom of the drawer. Today I’m painting my nails red. Please don’t say anything funny about red!


          1. Hihi, not really, I can keep on bracing myself for hours on end. That’s very much what I do because I know I’m a person who is easily scared. Such as by her own shadow. (I’m still bracing myself now.)


          2. I’m sorry to keep you anxious for so long, I was busy painting my nails red. I’m an anxious person, it’s hard not to be. But I’ll be trying, for your sake!


          3. Quite the opposite, I was fiddling with my photos in photoshop while waiting for my nails to dry, and I was not only enjoying myself but also produced some (hopefully) nice pictures!


          4. Photo post-editing/photoshopping is easier than it looks! It’s just a question of test and trial. What do you use for editing your photos then? You must edit them somehow, right?


          5. Clothes moths! Ugh. I know and I feel sorry for you… We’re using some lavender perfume pads to repel moths, they are said to hate lavender, and it’s been working so far. Death to clothes moths…!


          6. Ha!! I suspected that you were kidding me with lavender being moths’ aphrodisiac! But I’m so naive that I took it seriously. Shame on me! I don’t blame you, it’s me being so trustful that makes people mock me… πŸ˜‰ As long as it’s in good humour, I’m in!


          7. Of course, I do own a pair of matching red tights, but I’ll wear jeans – I promised that I’d wear trousers until our wedding, didn’t I?


          8. Yep, I know, it depends! I would strongly discourage you from losing weight though, that would make you anxious and it’s not needed. As to you hair, I love the way it looks in your photo πŸ™‚


          9. What?? How did he figure that penises are a good topic for casual conversation?! Hoping you’ll post the pic of your new hairstyle on your blog, if you like!


          10. Well I told him I got a free red handbag from a blogger who writes a blog called 11 inches and up . He got excited and I blushed. I explained it was about 11 inch heels not penises. Then I asked him what kind of men he must know to have well…..he said “I’m gay darling”

            So my question now to you is because maybe being clever you might be able to help is do most gay men have 11 inch penises?


          11. Ok, so I had to use a measurement converter to see how many centimetres 11 inches are and I was, uhm, surprised, to say the least. Are there 11-inch penises? And are there 11-inch heels? Either way, I’ve seen nothing like this yet… I have no clue what your hairdresser meant…. (But he sounds fun!)


          12. Ok, time for the big disclosure – I wear short hair, in different versions of the bob haircut. Not as feminine as long hair, I guess, but very practical…


          13. I’m sorry to confuse you, I’ll try to make it clear to what I’m responding next time! This comment is in response to your surprise that the awkward conversation with your hairdresser made me happy… πŸ˜‰


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