The Door Opens Hard



My most mutually awkward accident doesn’t involve me eavesdropping but storming straight somewhere where I shouldn’t have.

At a party in a private home, I was invited to have a look at the host’s garden on my own. I did, but sadly at a moment when other people were using the garden for activities of their own. I don’t blame the guys at the other end of the door, they were holding the handle to prevent me from opening it, but I thought the door was just opening hard and I prevailed.

The garden proved shockingly interesting.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Accident.


36 comments on “The Door Opens Hard”

          1. I’ll keep you updated 😉 Soon enough my colourful thick tights will be out of season anyway, though I could wear these throughout the year, as I’m always freezing. *snort*


    1. “Memorable” is a nice way to put it 😉 I think I was the one more embarrassed and more upset too – because I didn’t do anything wrong yet was put in an awkward situation. Well, at least I have something to laugh about now!


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