Two Hands Left

Dear God, I wish I had just one right hand.

#243 Fluffy

In theory, I know that you don't pick everything that you stumble upon, but in fact I can't help it. Especially when it's something so nice and fluffy.

#242 Pink Bud

This could be a sign of spring coming, except that the daises have been bizarrely blooming throughout the entire winter. Maybe that's what daises do all the time, but it's the first time I noticed.

Coat Hater

Ella loves to hate my coat. See her evil eyes and dangerous claws?

#241 Photoshopped Train

Doesn't the train look cute? I assure you that in fact it's far from that. I'm going to offer this heavily photoshopped image to the local railway company for advertising.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

How funny is it that I took my first ever photo of street life today in the morning and this photo challenge came up in the afternoon? In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.