Month: February 2014

#212 Green-Blue

I prefer civilisation to nature, hence the true focus of the photo is the car in the background. Now go on, throw stones at me. Advertisements

The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

I attract street sweepers and building cleaners. I wonder if it’s because I’m clean and neat or because I’m dirty and disordered. (My mirror says it’s the former. Hopefully.) I […]

#211 Irresistible

I can never resist a bench. In fact I may have started collecting photos of these.


My most horrible nightmare is obligatory physical education. I was living it and I emerged scathed for a lifetime. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams.


I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive. –Henry Miller

#210 Pinkberry

For lack of a botanical name, I shall call these pinkberries.

#209 Cone

The cone discovered in the garden fascinated me. Especially because I found it under an apple tree.

Stray Hair Strand

Your last warning. Get in the line and no one gets cu- -t.

On a Walk

Yesterday hubby and me went for a walk. This is unique in itself because it only happens once in four years or so. Like the Olympics. When a group of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

The same spot, different seasons. In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes.

#208 Yellow Feet

Such blossom in February? The shrub obviously lost sense of what season it is.

#207 Upset

This is how I always visualised an Angry Young Man. I think he’s lacking a sickle, though.

Black on White

The good thing about black cats is that you won’t lose them in winter.

#206 Willow

I wish I knew why I have to poke and pull at everything around.

#205 Thorny

It’s amazing that the rose blossom still hasn’t dropped and died.

Our Car Communicates with Aliens

The following conversation took place about midnight, after hubby left the car parked on the driveway rather than in the garage and after curious granny couldn’t cope with this state […]

#204 Wide and Fat

That fat dark patch in the middle is my shadow. Its very largeness is none of my fault, it’s the lomo effect. (Does that sound convincing?)


What I love most about my cat Ella is that she loves me back unconditionally. I don’t think that much can be said for most persons. This is my regular […]