#212 Green-Blue

I prefer civilisation to nature, hence the true focus of the photo is the car in the background. Now go on, throw stones at me.

The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

I attract street sweepers and building cleaners. I wonder if it’s because I’m clean and neat or because I’m dirty and disordered. (My mirror says it’s the former. Hopefully.) I love that they love me but they scare me. Consider this. The other day I was literally crawling in the street, busied with taking macro … Continue reading The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

#211 Irresistible

I can never resist a bench. In fact I may have started collecting photos of these.


My most horrible nightmare is obligatory physical education. I was living it and I emerged scathed for a lifetime. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams.


I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive. --Henry Miller

#210 Pinkberry

For lack of a botanical name, I shall call these pinkberries.