My Husband the Exhibitionist

Summer splashing
Summer splashing

I made a discovery. My husband is an exhibitionist. If I were a voyeur, we would make a perfect couple.

I’m shy for both of us. Looking at nude people distracts me. The male nurse who was taking an x-ray of my chest the other day to see how my lungs are doing likewise thought it distracting. He dressed me in some belts and whatnots for the x-ray, then forgot all about it and let me walk away all bound up. I wonder what distracted him.

Another time, after arriving at my in-law’s garden pool, my husband proceeded to change into his trunks. The proximity of male relatives did not bother him while doing so. Shy on his behalf, I bolted to hide in a shed and crawled back only when sure that everyone was properly clothed. Nobody else stripped that day. Much to my relief.

Are you shy too or is it me? And should I be worried?


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

12 thoughts

  1. I’m shy too don’t worry 🙂 having spent time at a convent school I’ve learnt the art of getting undressed and dressed whilst still wearing a mighty!!! I don’t do that nowadays but I am still shy. I had a nudist boyfriend once who took me to a nudist beach I couldn’t even take my top off and watxhing people play beach volleyball was just toooo much for me hehe


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think I shouldn’t laugh but I couldn’t help it… I realise that nudity is natural but it still strikes me as unnatural to see people doing their normal activities while nude — the beach volleyball would kill me. Thanks for the reassurance and for reading!


  2. A pleasure, and I just realised how many typos I made, serves me right for typing whilst on my phone. Yes you are right, its not so much the nudity its what is happening whilst said person is nude. Actually in my teens I forgot I went to Rhodes with my best friend and her dad. He kept disappearing to ‘another’ beach and one day I got to find out where exactly that was. We were on a pedallo moving swiftly towards a rocky output and she said “oh theres my dad he likes the nudist bit”. Now imagine having to see your best friends dad naked, it wasn’t a great feeling, my feet were like “hells bells” backpeddle now very fast, I seriously do not want to go any closer, meanwhile there was a rather attractive young male who miraculously appeared by our pedallo and wanted to get on. Yes, he was ‘naked’, we shood him away and returned tout suit back to our dressed beach.


    1. I didn’t notice typos, it’s ok! But the story is scary – that’s one of the things that I’d never ever want to see. Gross…

      It’s almost as gross as my incident with my father-in-law — while visiting the in-laws, I went to the toilet but forgot to lock the door — well, I was caught by my father-in-law in the act of sitting there… Nothing much happened but it was very embarrassing… Sorry if it’s disgusting, I just thought I should share a story in return for yours…


      1. Haha I’m laughing a lot now about your loo story…sorry! LOL

        I can see a tete a tete of nude stories coming up, perhaps you should write another post on it me thinks!

        Yes I didn’t see much of my friends dad on the holiday it was too much but we were forced to go on a small boat and get sea anenomies I just remember these black things with kinda tentacly things they would turn them inside out alive and eat them…………………..,,,and………,,,,,,,,,,he was naked!!!!!


        1. Hilarious! I didn’t think that nude and loo stories would be the direction my blog was going in, but it’s great fun 🙂 I’m starting to collect these stories now!


          1. Hah yes I can appreciate that re the direction of your bog oops sorry blog not wanting to be around loo antics. Sorry couldn’t help slipping in that typo! I await your next post then 🙂


  3. I would go as far as saying I’m an exhibitionist but I have become very comfortable in my nude body. Moving about the house naked is a normal thing. I do respect those that wouldn’t want to see me this was. My wife doesn’t mind but doesn’t want it all the time so I cover up when she is home. During the day I do open my windows. If some one looks in and sees me I guess they have to deal with looking in my house. I will say nudity is very comfortable to me and I like it.


    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting! Your approach sounds healthy and balanced — it’s very considerate not to enforce yourself on anyone, yet at the same time you shouldn’t restrict yourself in the privacy of your home. Makes sense!


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