Day 30: This Is My 300th Post

My 300th post.
My 300th post.

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s challenge is to sit back and relax. To look back what you’ve done in the last thirty days and make a plan for the next thirty. Accidentally, this post is precisely my 300th. Yet another reason for reflection. I hate the sentimental slant of reflection, so I’ll skip right to the part when you start with self-praise and end in self-depreciation. I love that one.

I can’t help being amazed by my excellent and perfectly useless blogosphere skills. On its own, it is very nice that I’m an advanced WordPress user, including some html code scribbling. In a larger context, I wish I applied myself so vigorously to house chores, study and work. That would be too nice, though. I can’t go on, I’ll go on. And I’m off to do the dishes.


#184 Amputee


This must have hurt.

Day 29: Organise and Organise More

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s task is to draft an editorial calendar. To a person who organises everything (I mean everything) in her life, it would be more of a challenge not to have an editorial calendar already.

I’m immodestly proud of having published each of my Project 365 photos precisely at midnight of each day. I ridiculously insist on publishing all other posts on the hour because irregular numbers make me cringe (prime numbers are the worst). This is all the more hysterical when considering that my current blog theme does not show the hour when a post was published (!).

My editorial calendar follows the goal of publishing post a day plus an additional feature post for three days of the week. There is the Monday haiku, the Wednesday quote and the Saturday cat picture. That’s about as much as I can manage without either cloning myself or going crazy. I’ve already lost some life by blogging. I’d hate to lose even more of it, in case I need it later.

#183 Falling


Will I fall or will  go? Let’s discuss my coordination skills. Or rather, let’s not.

The Weather Is Playing Siberia

Death by Exposure
Death by Exposure

I live in what is erroneously termed the Temperate Climate Zone. This winter’s weather particularly lacks temperance. Perhaps it has been drinking? It probably has and it has mistakenly come to believe that this is Siberia. This winter I’m freezing so much that no amount of vodka can possibly keep me warm.

I cancelled all appointments requiring me to set my foot outdoors. I refuse to go to work and have set up a home office. I have installed at my desk a barricade made up from heating devices. I stopped feeling embarrassed for wearing fingerless knitted gloves indoors. If I won’t last till spring, let it be known that I told you so.

Is it me or are you freezing to death too?

Day 28: Spreading Silliness

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s task is to obsess about stats. I’m good at it because that’s what I do. I usually stare at the stats with no particular purpose on mind, but today I’m supposed to analyse the results with the purpose of finding out what my most popular content is.

Unsurprisingly, my most popular type of content is content. That is, posts where I actually manage to write more than a single simple sentence. I can’t see what the fuss about people not reading is about. Surely they don’t click the article for the purpose of not reading it?

Encouraged in my silliness, I produced another would-be humorous column. In so far as hating on winter can be humorous. I don’t mind so much the winter as rather the fact that I’m gradually dying of exposure. Cherish my words, for I may not survive till spring.


Success is only a delayed failure.

–Graham Greene

#182 Dust Catcher


I don’t indulge in dust catchers but this is one of the rare moments when they come in handy.

Day 27: Revisiting Ghosts

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s homework is to revisit your favourite task so far. Inclining as I am to instruction deconstruction as much as to self-torment, I chose to revisit my least favourite task. That is, putting yourself at the mercy of social networks.

I dodged the original task by setting up a Flickr account and subsequently falling prey to photography addiction. (As if my blogging addiction wasn’t enough of a burden already.) Apparently, Flickr is not considered an actual social network, though.

In today’s retry, I undertook an unprecedented action. That is, setting up a Twitter account. The social media hater that I am, I can hardly believe what I’ve done. Hopefully, Twitter will prove convenient for my occasional outbursts of noteworthy smartness and silliness.

My Cat Thinks I’m Mad

Her judging face.
Her judging face.

My cat has serious concerns regarding my recent behaviour. I stopped going out in the garden for her sake only and took on some activities there that do not involve her. No, not gardening, I’m not that mad.

I started to go out with a small flat red object and waving it quite pointlessly in the air. It is a compact camera, but my cat doesn’t acknowledge the notion of photography. She keeps on poking in the thing, which doesn’t really improve my focus. Repeated sniffings proved that the thing was not eatable and hence useless. Why do I keep on carrying it on me?

I spend much time squatting or lying flat on the ground holding the thing and doing nothing. My cat neither acknowledges macro photography nor does she approve of it. I must be insane to lie stretched out in the snow with the red thing in front of me. It would make sense if I rolled on my back and meowed while at it, but I don’t.

The only sensible explanation is that I lost sense. Did I? And did you?