Month: December 2013

#153 Baggage

The very basic necessities I carry in my handbag. My husband doesn’t call it a backpack for nothing. That’s the baggage I’ll deliberately carry into the new year. Advertisements

Sick Leave

I don’t understand how the world can go on merrily without me.

#152 Silver Wind

This still life looks somewhat creepy after I applied the eponymous post-editing filter.

#151 Dew

Dew is possibly the only benefit of getting up early.


Ella is checking out what’s up. Is she satisfied or disappointed that it’s just me?

#150 Gables

The yellow house with the white gables. Has anyone written this yet? I only know of The House of the Seven Gables and The House with the Green Shutters. Also […]

#149 Clover

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee.

#148 Remains

This is what remains of autumn – not much.


She was not a respectable married woman but fully a human being. –Sinclair Lewis

#147 Christmas Sky

The Christmas sky is actually grey, so I tinted it blue.

#146 Humbug

Scrooge is my middle name and I’m more likely to cry Humbug! rather than Merry Christmas!, but here you go, a Christmas bush I met in the street.

Festive Season

The triumph of mania hysteria psychosis over reason.

#145 Outside

This morning I looked out of the window again – and lo, the view is still the same.

#144 Are We There Yet?

This commuting will bore me to my untimely demise.


Ready to jump at a suspected mouse.

#143 Tree House

This tree would make a great tree house for some small creature.

#142 Strawberry

What does the strawberry bush think it’s doing out here in this season?

#141 Paved

What is this talk about streets paved with gold? Where? We’re happy here to have the street even paved.