Month: November 2013


My big cat is a big climber. I love it how her fur shines in the sun. Advertisements

#122 Bored

On the train. I’m so lazy and bored. At least I’m wearing my Mary Poppins shoes.

#121 Windy

This is how it looks when it’s windy. Everything is a blur.

#120 Poppins

My husband commented that my new shoes looked Mary Poppins style. Do they?


Literature is organised violence committed on ordinary speech. –Roman Jakobson

#119 Spy

I spent half an hour shooting at this house’s front lawn. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had called police.

#118 Sunlit

I wish you could feel from the picture how awfully cold it was despite the sun.

#117 Pink Glasses

A remnant of my youth. I don’t wear these anymore.

#116 Needles

Needles that don’t prick. Are they even needles? They don’t look like leaves…


Ella and me together. I grew fur on my arm to be closer to my cat. See?

#115 Guess What

Guess what it is. If you happened to guess a railway hall ceiling, you are right.

#114 Dreamy

Is this even real? I can’t believe I took this from the window of my office.

#113 Red Books

Why do the book design makers feel that each book on Marxism needs to be red?


Literature is what gets taught. –Roland Barthes

#112 Winterfresh

Yes, I am wearing full winter clothes already. It’s freezing in the mornings!

#111 Pathetic Coffee

I toast to my own shadow with a mug of coffee. How pathetic.


Yes, what you see is a bench in a greenhouse just big enough to hold it. No, I have no idea why grandparents put it in for winter. Maybe they […]

#110 Mushrooms

These mushrooms grow like mushrooms after rain.