Month: October 2013

#092 Mineral Candle

Are you scared? I was. Scared that I’ll sooner burn the house down than take this photo. Advertisements


My first day teaching, I was terrified and feared for my life. A few years and a few antidepressant prescriptions later, I still risk my life each class but I just don’t […]

#091 Grasp

I have no clue what these berries are, but they are all over the place these days.

#090 Survey

My black cat surveying the garden and acting like the very definition of dignity.

#089 Solemn

Is it autumn yet? Warn me in advance, I’d hate to miss the autumn depression.

#088 Kitsch Coffee

Friends served me this when visiting them. I love the kitsch mug.


The typical horizon of an Eastern European village, suggesting the typical villager’s focus on what is nearest and a stubborn refusal of wider horizons. My apologies to all untypical villages […]

#087 Violet

Yes, I do realise these are not violets, but they are violet. Violently violent.

#086 Abandoned

My dear and loving husband, do not leave me waiting for you in the car for two hours ever again.

The Hue of You

Hardly anything is more me than black coffee in a red mug. Being grey and boring all over with surprising colour where no one expected life any more is also […]

#085 Twa Corbies

How often do you get a hand-written personalised thank-you note from a publisher? My new favourite publisher is Two Ravens Press, in Scots “Twa Corbies”.

#084 Roses Are Red

A rose is a rose is a rose. Gertrude Stein is right indeed.

#083 Conference Coffee

Me and my coffee (and a bizarrely rusty bench) = a happy combo.

#082 Climbing according to Ella

While I climbed on a tree stump yesterday, Ella showed me today by climbing on a tree what a loser I am.

#081 Climbing according to Mara

I climbed on a tree stump. Why? Because I can!

#080 Scotch & Soda

A visit to the Edinburgh Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre made me a scotch & soda regular. The UK’s liquor exports must be booming. No need to thank me.

#79 Obese

Early in the morning, your shadow will always look obese. Here’s proof.

#078 Grapes of Joy

Good! The grapes are finally ripe enough to eat. (Or better, ferment into liquor.)