Month: September 2013

#061 Busy Bee

The bee is being busy in the garden. So was I, as my dusty boots prove. Advertisements

#060 Train

I caught a train. First I shot it, then I took it. If you see what I mean.


Some things change. And some don’t. And yes, I do realise I’m obsessive about taking pictures of my coffee and my legs. Well, I’m simply glad to have both of […]

#059 Apple Picking

My view of the apple was never the same after Frost’s “After Apple-Picking”.


Always when I’m waiting for a bus, there is a crack in the spatio-temporal continuum and time starts running backwards. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: A Bend in […]

#058 Cat Mirroring

My cats in the act of mirroring each other. No charges of plagiarism were pressed.

Oxford English

I wish that the language of the future be Oxford English. Yes, I know, but an EngLit person can dream, can’t she? In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: 2100.

#057 Dandelion

Seeing a belated dandelion in the garden, I promptly plucked it and made a wish.


I love to come to a standstill – sitstill – with my favourite chipped mug of coffee. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Standstill.

#056 Painted Heart

I met a heart lost on the road. Fittingly, it was in a hospital complex.

#055 Country

Granddad smirked at me mischievously. Come here, I’ll show you something. He popped open the car trunk. There was a roebuck shot dead. With his guts open and disembowelled. I […]

Non Sequitur

He tried to hit me with a forklift! And he apparently succeeded. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur.

#054 Storm in a Cezve

Making coffee in the cezve is very much like making a storm in a teacup.


I do wish I could drive properly. I wouldn’t need the hazard button ever so often. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

#053 Black Middens

The weather grew suddenly Scottish. Ideal for New Writing Scotland on the train.


Without meaning to be mean, this student essay was good only for a paper ship. Either I’m not a great teacher, or not all my students are great or both. […]

#052 Odd Grapes

The odd day when I coach myself into devouring despised fruits or vegetables.

#051 Homecoming

Returning home makes me invariably happy.