Month: August 2013

#031 Cat & Tree Stump

Ella is resting her paws on a tree stump in the garden. Is she expecting dinner to be served? Advertisements

#030 Fashion Shopping

I bought the black blouse. (To wear for the funeral in case someone dies.) Sorry, bad joke.

Need for Speed

When you can’t go on but have to go on. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55.

#029 Raspberries

I found raspberries and what not growing in the garden. Hopefully, I won’t forget all about them before they are ripe to eat.

#028 Cat & Mouse

A cat just ate a mouse; or, this is my notion of being funny.


I’d like to thank my cats for avoiding cars, dogs and kids and not getting themselves killed. The greatest victory for outdoor pets. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: I’d Like to […]

#027 Poppies

Red poppies are in men’s veins, but mine are locked safely in between my fingers.


Success is knowing that I did my best. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Secret of Success.

#026 USB Light

I’m sure I’d love the little lamp even more if it actually gave out some light to speak of.

#025 Apple Tree Sunset

The sun setting behind an apple tree in the garden.

#024 Balcony Coffee

Having my coffee at the balcony. The coffee tastes better than it looks, by the way.

#023 Bedrich Smetana

The composer’s star in Vienna underground. Gets trodden on each day, poor man.

#022 Catslayer

Today my three-year-old male relative picked a sharp piece of wood and threatened to stab my cat. I protected the cat with the modest bulk of my body. Now I’m […]

#021 Fountain

Visiting the fountain of youth. (Hopefully.)

#020 Neighbour’s Garden

Why is your neighbour’s garden always nicer than your own? (In my case possibly because I can’t be bothered with the garden.)

#019 Shoe Rack

I wonder what my favourite colour is. Could it be brown?

#018 Lavender

There’s lavender growing in the garden. It reminds me of clothes moths. And times long past.

#017 Coffee Grinder

I get it that I should put coffee grains in the grinder. But what is the symbol for what I should not put in? Dice??